As digital evolves, so does You First Sports and the digital solutions that we bring to some of the world’s leading organisations and rights-holders. With strategy and activation part of the digital offering, You First Sports is a leader in sports and entertainment.

Our digital solutions are far reaching and include extensive experience in digital strategy, content creation & production, social media activation, app development – and many other areas.

We support many of the world’s leading brands with creative and measurable digital campaigns and partner globally with rights-holders, clubs and large events.

Some examples of our work include:


You First Sports created a strategic plan to differentiate Continental from its competitors, to increase its brand profile and for the organisation to be the preferred choice for potential customers.

You First developed the company’s social media platforms – including volume of interactions and engagement. We also managed posts, controlled the online reputation of the brand and responded to potential crises situations with developed and proven protocols.


Alyssa Carson is the youngest crew member preparing to go to Mars in 2032. Nautalia created the #QueridaAlyssa campaign to invite her to discover our planet before going to Mars.

You First Sports managed the entire digital part of the campaign through Nautalia’s social networks, taking care of the microinfluencers campaign, tracking, paid media, and the management of the ads in the media.


Amaya Valdemoro’s challenge, held during each Euroleague stage since January 2018, consisted in releasing a video through her social networks, in which she asked a question about the match of the day, challenging different celebrities, fans and consumers at the same time to answer it.

Many different celebrities have appeared in these videos: Dani Martínez, Antoni Daimiel, Marc Bartra, Serge Ibaka, Ona Carbonell, Rafa Nadal… All of them and many more, accepted the challenge and gave their forecast for the match of the day.

In every stage there was a challenge, a celebrity and a winner to go on a trip for two people to the Final Four. In total there were 14 challenges, 15 celebrities and 32 winners.


We backed Herbalife and Sportlife’s challenge with Noemí de Miguel, movistar+ reporter and F1 host. We chose her to run a Marathon to promote healthy life and sports. She trained for two months, preparing for the race with the help of Martín Giaccheta and the nutrition advice from Herbalife. Sportlife shared the footage on its digital platform and when the challenge was completed, in Cape Town, it came out as the cover of its magazine.




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